Our Unique Service Proposition

State of the Art Technology

Our fleet is equipped with state of the art IoT & AI enabled tracking mechanism through which we offer unmatched precision and optimization to our customers – our customers also view the same dashboard as we do

Multicultural Fleet

To adhere to the cosmopolitan diaspora of UAE, our fleet has multicultural background rider through whom our customers are able to liaise effectively with their clients

Rider to Deliveries Ratio

We are accredited by our customers for our exceptional Rider – to – Delivery ratio which empowers our customer to manage larger set of deliveries with less number of riders – hence a considerable cost saving

Value Added Services

Al Hamama Delivery
Services in Logisitcs

Bike + Driver Services

Experience the expertise of our skilled and professional bike riders, equipped with bikes, for all your delivery needs. Al Hamama is always there for you.

Driver-Only Services

Experience the professionalism and skill of our well-experienced bike riders, available without bikes, dedicated to efficient delivery services with Al Hamama delivery service.

Other Services we Offered


Experience unmatched convenience through our specialized delivery services crafted for restaurants. We comprehend the distinctive demands of the food industry, and our professional riders guarantee the prompt delivery of your culinary masterpieces to your customers. We prioritize maintaining the freshness and quality that defines your brand.

E-Commerce Companies

Enhance your e-commerce journey with our dependable and efficient delivery solutions. From handling small packages to managing substantial shipments, our adept drivers, both with and without bikes, ensure smooth and secure deliveries. This dedication contributes significantly to the overall satisfaction of your customers.

General Stores

Simplify your logistics with our delivery services tailored for general stores. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures the prompt and professional delivery of your products, regardless of size or type. This not only adds value to your customer service but also raises loyalty among your business.

Food Delivery Companies

In the fiercely competitive realm of food delivery, we distinguish ourselves by providing skilled and professional bike riders, with and without bikes. Our unwavering dedication to excellence means your food delivery services can depend on us for efficient and reliable support, ensuring customer satisfaction at each doorstep.

Rider Hailing

For rider-hailing services, our courteous and skilled drivers represent a valuable extension to your fleet. Whether it’s covering peak demand hours or ensuring consistent and reliable service, our drivers without bikes are poised to contribute to the success and efficiency of your rider-hailing platform.

Bespoke solutions to Pharmaceutical, Banking & Telecom Industries

Beyond our standard offering, we tailormade our service in accordance to the varying demands of our customers so as to delight them with the best suited delivery model. The adaptation that we offer is beyond the riders and their cultural/lingual background; we go to the extent of customizing the physical attributes of our bikes so that they are designed particular to the delivery model expected by Pharmaceutical companies, Banking Institutions, Telecom Companies, and numerous other vertical industries.

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